When we give gifts, it’s often to express how much we care and value an individual, a family, or anyone in our lives. Often, this is the conventional material entertainment or consumable you can purchase from retailers. We know as Calgary AB roof repair contractors that suggesting roof maintenance and replacement services as gifts to seem outrageous. However, if you’re willing to hear us out, you might like to receive it as a gift for yourself too!

It’s always during autumn and winter that you see the biggest underlying issues your roof currently faces. During cold rainstorms, you can find leaks in your attic. Luckily, it hasn’t come to a point you’re running out of buckets to make sure the water doesn’t cause any damage to your attic and inside your house. However, if you leave your roofing condition as is, you’ll definitely encounter a much-worse situation the following year — maybe in just a few months.

When Calgary AB roofing inspectors arrive at your property, their first task is to check your roof’s condition. Often, this involves performing a series of simple tests that shows them the problematic areas and micro-damages your roof has suffered. Furthermore, they’ll use advanced technology to scope out difficult-to-spot damages on your roof.

Roofing maintenance is a great, value-adding service for homeowners because of its capability to improve the lifespan and performance of any roofing. Often, huge roofing problems stem from small problems left unattended. Adamson Roofing Company has a great explanation on how roofing maintenance works and how they perform it. Learn more here.

Regular asphalt roof cleaning and maintenance can improve the performance of your roofing system, increase its lifespan and save you money on roof repair costs. In today’s article, Adamson Roofing Company, one of the top reroofing contractors in our area, explains everything homeowners need to know about asphalt roof maintenance.

Things to Remember About Roof Cleaning

The first thing you need to remember about roof cleaning is that you should never climb up on the roof yourself; leave that to the professionals. You should also never use a pressure washer or harsh chemicals when cleaning it, as these things can damage your asphalt shingles. Instead, keep your roof clean by hiring a professional to do the job for you. You should also trim back and remove any tree limbs overhanging your roof. This will not only keep leaves and debris off your roof, it will also protect it from falling tree limbs during storms. (Continued)

True enough, it costs a fortune to spend for roof replacement labor, which is why it is quite an excellent Christmas gift. If you ever receive any gifted labor package to replace your roof (meaning you’ll be handling the material expenses side of things), it’s a huge boon. This is especially useful if you know your roof has aged quite much over the years, and it’s begging to get replaced.

This automatically slashes about 50-70% off the total amount you might have to spend to restore your roof and even improve your property value. Indeed, it seems like an unrealistic gift, but if you’d like to restore an ancestral home for your parents or to have better living space as a gift to your spouse, then it’s definitely more valuable than just shop-based gifts.

If you’re planning to gift someone the joy of free roof replacement labor, you’ve probably seen these signs that their roof is in dire need of roof replacement according to Ur Design Magazine.

Peeling & Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles have a specific lifespan, and once they get near the end of it, they will start to show obvious signs of wear. If you can see that some of your shingles are starting to look like they are peeling, this is a sign that they are starting to break down.

If your shingles are starting to curl at the corners like a dried out piece of paper, they are ready for replacement. Leaving peeling or curling shingles without repair can allow water that is draining across your roof to get trapped. Moisture that gets in under your shingles can cause rot and ultimately leaks.


The most obvious sign that you have an issue with your roof and that it may need replacement is when you get leaks. Discoloration on your ceilings can indicate that you have moisture getting in from your roof. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a reliable roofing company to provide the gift of roofing maintenance or repairs, you can count on us at No Payne Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about all that we can do for you this holiday season and beyond!