A roofing estimate is an important part of the industry, as it provides clear expectations for both
the contractor and the homeowner as to what the roofing project will entail. Whether you get it
from us or from a different provider (although we really hope it is us) there are a few different
items you want to ensure are on your roofing estimate. At the end of the day you want to ensure
that you are not going to get affected by any hidden costs and can hire your roofing contractor
with confidence.

A proper estimate should include more than just the total cost of the project. It should provide
any extra anticipated costs and should consider all aspects of the job. This is not limited to any
costs associated with taking away debris, using a dumpster, removing the old roof or any
necessary heavy equipment. The last thing you want to be is on the hook for thousands of
dollars more than anticipated!

Have you discussed with your roofer the materials that will be used? Your estimate should
include all shingles, any potential ventilation, nails, gutters, flashing, drip edges, a new roof
covering, underlayment, or any other materials that may be utilized. An experienced roofer will
be able to work with you to determine the most cost-effective way to renovate your roof without
sacrificing quality.

Payment Information
This one should seem obvious, but there should be a clear expectation of when the payment
needs to be made as well as what forms of payment are accepted. Did you know we don’t
require any upfront payment? It’s not advised that you pay upfront, a roofing company should be
secure enough to receive payment on completion for most projects.

Although things like weather and material availability can play a factor, your roofer should be
able to provide you with an approximate timeline. Delays can always happen, however, a good
roofer should have no problems outlining a projected plan from start to finish for your job.

Termination Agreement
Do you understand everything in the agreement? Always call your roofing company and double-check all of the fine print and ensure there is nothing on the estimate that seems ambiguous or
unclear! Never agree to anything that you do not fully understand and clarify about any types of
penalties or obligations with the company. Up to this date, we have always allowed our clients
to cancel without penalty until the day the shingles are loaded on the roof.

Description of Work
Ensure that your estimate covers a full description of the work that will need to be done to your
roof. Double-check with your roofer if there will be any extra charges for ventilation, chimney
repairs, etc. There should also be a full list of guarantees of workmanship and a full description
of the cleanup and removal process for afterward. The great thing about No Payne Roofing is
that we try our best not to nickel and dime homeowners when we apply the Certainteed
systems, it’s very rare that our estimates are higher than anticipated.

Does the estimate you have been given provide a fully comprehensive explanation of the
warranty? A good roofing company should stand behind their work and offer you a solid long-term warranty. There should be warranty information available for not only the workmanship but
the materials as well. Did you know our Certainteed roofs are guaranteed for life!? That’s right,
we have the best warranty in the business, we can’t be beaten!

Have you discussed with your roofer what happens in the event of an accident or any other
unforeseen circumstances? Make sure you understand the insurance that your roofing company
offers to prevent you being left with any unanticipated costs.

At No Payne, we believe in quality work and we stand behind all of our roofing services 100%.
This is why we offer LIFETIME warranties to stay with you for all your roofing issues.

Now that you understand what to look for, call us today for your free estimate!