Without an adequate safety harness, specialized training and proper equipment, it is best to avoid walking on your roof. We understand wanting to tackle your own projects, but we cannot recommend doing most types of roof work on your own. Particularly when it comes to a high or steep roof, the few dollars you may save by doing it yourself are not worth the risk if you were to fall.  

If you do decide to do some small roof maintenance or cleaning, there are some safety tips you need to ensure you are following to minimize your risk. Just remember, there is no replacement for common sense and good judgment, so keep your wits about you!

Make weather your friend. Pick a calm day to work on your roof and avoid the roof at all costs when it is slippery or it has been raining. Not only is this a risk to you, but the wind, water and even excessive heat can soften the shingles making them more susceptible to damage.

Wear shoes with extra traction and a soft, supple rubber sole. Make sure they are shoes that you are comfortable in and have worn before. Keep your shoes clean and free of dirt to avoid unnecessary debris on your roof.

Under no circumstances should you drop anything from off the roof, and it is always a good idea to rope off the area below to warn others that you are working. Secure all tools and keep any hand tools or other supplies in a bucket hung at the end of a roof bracket.  Know where everything is at all times!

Slate and tile roofs require extra attention as loose tiles can easily fall off and cause damage. We recommend leaving most roofing jobs to the professionals, but particularly slate and tile roof work! 


If you are uneasy about accessing your roof or want to get a second opinion, call No Payne for a free quote! Keep calm, cool and collected when working on your roof, maintain a good sense of spatial awareness and whatever you do, don’t take a step back to admire your work!


The only guaranteed way to safely work on your roof is to call us.