Most Calgary AB homeowners are looking for avenues to save money from perceived expensive roof repair services. However, most do not realize this: using your local roofing contractor can help you save more money from future repairs and replacements.

A roofing contractor has true passion in doing their work. They can anticipate and measure the materials, equipment, methods to use, and other important factors allowing them to ease into any project and yield exceptional results. Here are the traits of excellent roofing contractors according to Roof Masters.

The Best Qualities of a Good Roofing Contractor

Working with the right contractor is key to a successful and less stressful roof replacement. While there are some roofers that will promise to deliver exceptional results, many of them can’t live up to their claims. To ensure that you are hiring a good, reliable contractor, Roof Masters, the leading roofing contractor, recommends working with a company with the following qualities:

Licensed and Insured

When looking for a roofer to work with, the first thing to look for is a valid and updated roofing license and workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Working with a contractor that lacks these two can cost you dearly in the long run. A roofing license ensures that the company is qualified to work on a roofing system while the insurance protects you from any costs caused by any damage or injury that the team sustains while working on your property.

Excellent Workmanship (Continued)

The Internet allows you to find a roofing contractor near you. However, a reliable Calgary AB roofer doesn’t only possess the qualities mentioned above. Aside from their professional grit, they possess the right equipment and tools that make their projects pin-precise, yield the desired results, and exceptionally long lasting.

If you’re inquiring with roofers in your area, be sure to check if they possess any or all of the tools listed by Best Roofing Shoes below.

The Right Tools Every Reputable and Reliable Roofing Contractor Should Possess

There’s nothing worse than showing up at work and realizing you don’t have the proper roofing tools and equipment. Good tools make roofing easier, more productive and why not, more fun.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching to find out what are the best roofing tools of 2019, and hope our final picks will help you out.

We selected roofers tools you can rely on to make your job easier and increase your work productivity.

Whether if you’re a roofer, a professional contractor or a DIY roofing enthusiast, this article is for you.

Below you’ll find our final roofing tools list with product recommendations, reviews, top features, and pros and cons. Let’s get this started.

P.S: If you’re specifically looking for tools to install metal roofs (cutting, bending, marking, measuring tools), check our new article on the best metal roofing tools of 2019.


The Hitachi NV45AB2 is a popular and exceptional coil roofing nailer.

It’s fast, well-balanced, reliable, durable, lightweight, air-powered and very easy to use.

Perfect for professional contractors and for DIY-ers as well.

A roofing nail gun is a must-have tool for every roofer. Gun nailing is fast, precise, clean and gets the job done quick and efficient. Coil roofing nailers are the right choice for the job.

Even if it’s 2019, there are still lots of “Nail Gun vs Hammer” debates. While all the roofers should have hammers and nails, relying on them for everything would be a total mistake. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Nail guns are fast, lightweight and very easy to use. A standard coil roofing nail gun is able to drive up to 100 nails per minute, at the right depth. (Read More)

With the right tools and instructions, anyone can perform roofing repairs and replacement. So, why is there a need for a roofing contractor if you can do it on your own? You can save time repairing and replacing your roof. In addition, you avoid all the dangers associated with roofing.

It’s easy to forget that going up to your roof and traversing the slopes is difficult, requires the right equipment, and poses risk in damaging your superior roofing material. If you can brave the dangers of DIY roofing listed by Arry’s Roofing below, then you can DIY and resolve your roofing needs in no time.

Why Use a Roofing Contractor Rather Than DIY Your Roof

Doing work around the house yourself may bring a high level of satisfaction and also help you save on the cost of hiring a professional. While there are a number of home projects you can safely handle yourself, however, repairing your roof is not one of them. In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in the area, shares three reasons why it’s dangerous to go the DIY route with a roofing project:

Safety Concerns

Repairing or replacing your roof requires climbing up a ladder and staying under the hot sun for hours. Even if you only need to make minor repairs, hauling heavy tools and materials up a ladder and walking on an inclined roof poses serious safety hazards. If you don’t have the right training for this task, it’s best to leave the job to professionals so you don’t risk injuring yourself. Working with an expert like us ensures the safety of you and your family. (Read More)

If you’re not too keen on exposing yourself to the dangers of DIY roofing, we highly suggest working with a local reputable roofing contractor. If you’re from Calgary AB, only work with No Payne Roofing. We deliver only the best roofing services possible. Contact us today!