A roof replacement… it’s one of the biggest jobs a homeowner in Calgary has to carefully plan and implement. No matter how you try to avoid it, eventually you’ll have to deal with it – or else suffer the consequences of roof damage on your entire home.

To ensure a successful project, every person has to keep a roof replacement checklist. Even the simplest one goes a long way, as long as it outlines the most important pre-construction considerations. In a while, we’re going to share a helpful checklist with you.

But before that, let’s review the ways a roof replacement benefits you:

  • Eliminates several problem areas at one go. Sometimes, replacing your roof is the best solution rather than attempting at multiple repairs.
  • Increases the comfort and safety inside your home. Pesky roof leaks and holes make your home less energy-efficient. They also cause accidents.
  • Makes your roof look like new again. Boost property appeal with a timely roof replacement. A new roof will also increase property value.

A Handy Roof Replacement Checklist for a Successful Project

With this roof replacement checklist, your roofing project will be completed as smoothly as possible. We enumerate 6 items.

1. Identify if it’s time for a roof replacement

essential roof replacement checklist that includes signs of damage

Is it really time for a roof replacement? Check the age of your roof and possible signs of damage.

First of all, you should be certain about whether your roof really requires replacing. Sometimes, damage can be effectively repaired and your roof stays intact for a few years more. Upon inspection by a professional roofing contractor, certain things will be assessed:

  • Increase in roofing age – Increasing age is a tell-tale sign that a roof is better replaced. Roofs that are at least 20 years old already have multiple issues.
  • Others are getting new roofs – If your neighbors are having their roofs replaced, this indicates that your roof may be approaching the end of its life.
  • Extensive shingle and granule loss – Granules serve as a protective layer of shingles. Shingle and granule loss tell that your roof can no longer keep water out.

2. Decide what your next roofing material will be

On this roof replacement checklist, one of the biggest decisions you make is your material of choice. This step is exciting but it can also be stressful. Essentially, a homeowner’s final decision depends on various factors.

Budget is a major consideration. The size of your home, style of your roof, and modifications (skylights, solar panels, etc.) affect the total cost of roof construction.

Common roofing material options include asphalt shingles, metal roof, clay tiles, EPDM, and cedar and shakes. If you’re confused at this point, seek the advice of a roofing contractor. Here at No Payne Roofing, we’ll help you arrive at the best decision.

3. Pick the right roof color based on your goals

colorful houses with colorful roofs

Ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve with a new roof color? Is it pure aesthetic appeal? Energy-efficiency?”

Another fun step in planning a roof replacement is choosing an appropriate roof color. There are so many available colors at your disposal. If you’re going to choose a shingle or metal roof, you won’t run out of options. There’s a white roof, grey roof, royal blue roof, and more.

Before you decide, think about your end goal. If you want a boost in energy-efficiency and keep your home cooler, pick a light-colored roof. A white roof reflects the sun’s heat. If you want to make a statement and add drama, a black roof is a perfect choice. If your property has several clashing colors already, tone down with a simple roofing color.

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4. Ask yourself if you can maintain the roof

Most homeowners make the mistake of choosing any roof material without considering its maintenance needs. Because basically, there are roofs that need more attention. Roofs that may require a little more attention are the following:

  • Wood shakes and shingles – These materials have to be stained, treated, and repainted to preserve their appearance.
  • Three-tab shingles – Unlike architectural shingles, three-tab shingles are thinner and likely to sustain damage from strong winds and hail. However, note that the manufacturer and installation method also impact lifespan.
  • Green roofing “living roof” – This is a garden built on top of a waterproof flat membrane like EPDM or PVC. While a living roof cools down the indoor temperature, it needs watering. Weeds should be removed from time to time.

5. Consider the disruption to your daily activities

contractors working to build new roof

A roof replacement is going to be messy, dusty, and noisy.

Another aspect to think about in this roof replacement checklist is the probability of disruptions. A roof replacement is never a quiet and mess-free job. An overlay is less disruptive, but definitely not a replacement! Expect debris, dust, and loud construction sounds. No one ever gets used to all of these.

Homeowners should consider moving out temporarily especially if they have kids, pets, or work from home. Also, inform your neighbors about a future roof replacement job so they would know what to expect. You don’t want neighbors complaining about the loud noises.

Have the decency to let them know. They may need to move their vehicles or make modifications to minimize the effects of disruptions on their part.

6. Hire an experienced local roofing contractor

Even if you miss the rest of the points we tackled in this roof replacement checklist, never miss hiring the right roofing contractor. Some contractors do not have the license, insurance, and certifications needed to ensure a safe and quality roofing job.

If you just hire anyone who knocks on your door and offers the lowest quotes, you’ll only be getting yourself into trouble. Ensure that you hire a qualified contractor by paying attention to their track record. Check if they have a permanent address. Pay a visit to their office.

Ready for a Roof Replacement? Hire No Payne Roofing

No Payne Roofing hopes that this roof replacement checklist helped you realize that any roofing job, especially a roof replacement, isn’t a walk in the park. And, in case you’re still looking for the finest Calgary AB roof replacement company, do consider us as an option.

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