Almost all Roofers in Calgary follow some specific steps when it comes to roof replacements. As a home owner, the more you know of these, the more benefit you shall get in understanding the activities and ultimately the appropriateness of a roof replacement service’s price.

1. Protecting the property

Repairing your roof does not mean that you will get the rest of your property damaged. Professional Roofers in Calgary take the property’s well being into account and take steps to protect it with measures such as protection plywood and tarps.

2. Removing old materials

One of the most basic steps of course is to remove the old materials. Contractors ensure that the materials are taken off and transported away safely.

3. Inspecting the roof

This is perhaps one of the most important steps in the entire process, but one which is sometimes downplayed as unimportant. However, a timely inspection can tell you things which can save you a great deal of money later on. For instance, it needs to be ensured that the new wood sheets are properly attached to the rafters correctly. If one installs new shingles without checking for missing nails at the base layer, then after a few weeks you may see ungainly elevations on the roof!

This is why it is so essential to ensure that your new roof has a solid base, on which everything depends. This in turn ensures that your shingles will remain on. Professional companies re-nail the entire wood base.

4. Preparing the roof for shingling

Placing shingles on the roof is a somewhat time-consuming and meticulous process. This requires several sub-processes such as Drip Edge Installation, Ice and Water shield installation and the Installation of roofing felt. Drip edges prevent roofing materials from falling off. Ice and Water shield prevent any kind of water leakage. Lastly, roofing felt is essential to prevent shingles from sticking with the wood.

5. Installation of new materials

When the roof base is prepared, it is now the time to lay down the new roofing materials. If you wish the arrangement to be according to a pattern that can be complied with.

6. Cleanup

Now that the job is almost complete, the site is cleaned up by the Roofers in Calgary from top to bottom. In the end, your home seems as good as new.

7. Final site inspection

The very last step is that of a final inspection. This may pointless but is in fact highly important. This ensures that the work is done professionally and that the client is satisfied with the work.

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