In Calgary, most homeowners often get confused to figure out whether they need to repair their leaking roof or replace them. Leaks in a roof can be caused by several issues. There are a few factors that determine whether your roof needs repair or you need to hire professionals for roof replacement in Calgary. Below are discussed a few signs that will help you to determine whether you need a new roof or repair the existing one.

  1. The age of the roof:

The first factor that helps in determining your roof replacement decision is the roof age. According to experts, typical roofs will last for 20 to 25 years. This depends on whether the old roof was removed and there is only a layer of shingles or whether it is properly ventilated. If the roof had been installed over another layer and it is older than 20 years, then you have to change the roof.

  1. Shingles curling:

If you find your shingles are curled and buckled, it is another sign that you need to replace the roof. In order to determine this, you can look at the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight, if you find the shingles are losing granules and they are curling, this may indicate that your shingles have passed their life expectancy.

  1. Missing shingles:

You need to observe whether all the shingle tabs are intact or not. If any shingle is missing, this is a sign that your roof could be falling.

  1. Roof valleys:

If you find the roof shingles from any specific area of your roof are falling apart or missing, it is a strong sign that you need a new roof urgently. Roof valleys are the most important areas of roof from where the rain and snow flow into gutters. So, the valley should never be compromised.

  1. Chimney flashing:

If you find the flashing of your chimney consist of tar or roof cement, it is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced with long-term, water-proof fitting roofing.

If you find any of the above signs in your roof, it is the time that you need to call a professional for a roof replacement. These are the problems where repairing is not enough.

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