For many of us, 2019 went by quite fast. From January, it’s now October. It’s almost Christmas, and many homeowners are estimating the Christmas lights installation costs they’ve to deal with in the coming months. True enough, having your Christmas lights installed a few months prior to Christmas ensures you can see some small problems and have reputable and professional Calgary AB roofers with Christmas  lights installation services resolve them as quick as possible.

You’ve definitely seen some Christmas lights installation cost estimates from different websites with a simple search engine query. Unfortunately, they’re all saying something different about the final cost. How  do you know the exact Christmas lights installation cost estimate? Here are three ways to help you know how.

How Much Does It Actually Cost?

Christmas lights installation cost varies from one homeowner to another. It depends on your objectives. For example, a property with a Christmas lights diorama of the entire stable and sled scenario will cost much more than a simple shrub and roof outline Christmas lights installation. Often, the lighting difficulty, labor time, equipment use (if any), and lighting design complexity affects the overall Christmas lights installation cost.

HomeAdvisor has a great breakdown of estimates when it comes to Christmas light installation cost. Read more about it below.

Christmas Light Installation Pricing

On average, homeowners pay $405 for professional installation of their exterior holiday lighting, with a typical range between $202 and $608. The light strands alone cost between $80 and $300. Installation adds another $120 to $500 to your budget. For multistory residential projects, the total price can go up to $1,500.

On Thanksgiving weekend, your neighborhood will start to light up with Christmas decorations. It brightens the lawns in the dead of winter and dresses up your home. Hiring a pro can turn your property into a showcase for the entire neighborhood while making sure the wiring and installation is safe.

Holiday Lighting Installation Costs

Most professional lighting installations range between $120 and $500 for labor alone. You can hire an individual by the hour at a rate between $60 and $100. Larger companies that bring their own lights offer packages that cost between $300 and $1,200 and include the strands, installation, and takedown.

Price of Professional Christmas Light Hanging Per Foot

Experts typically charge between $1.25 and $3.00 per linear foot. That includes all aspects of the installation, but not the lights themselves. If you don’t own your own holiday lighting, add another $0.50 to $2.00 per foot to that cost depending on the type of bulb you purchase. Clarify whether the per-foot quote includes takedown after the season. (Continued)

Different Kinds of Professional Christmas Lighting

Aside from outlining your roof using LED lights, Christmas lighting is beyond just placing lights across your home artistically. It entails placing Christmas lights on other fixtures and features outside your property. While it can make your Christmas light theme look majestic, added lighting means added labor time. In turn, you’re definitely making a higher investment by including other features outside your home.

Outback Landscape has a great list of the different kinds of professional Christmas lighting homeowners in Calgary AB can also have. Read more about it below.

Roof Lights

Lining your roof with holiday lights can create a stunning effect.

We typically use LED C9 bulbs for roof work, and these are available in a variety of colors — from warm and pure white to red and green.

We custom cut everything to fit your roof while we are there, so you won’t see any tangling cords or out-of-place lights.

Depending on the height of your house, it’s going to cost about $3.50 to $4 per linear foot for the C9 lights to be installed.

Tree Wrapping

Another popular holiday lighting service is wrapping trees.

We normally use incandescent lights for trees, and those cost about $10 to $20 per strand. The tighter you want the lights to be wrapped around the tree, the more strands it will take and the higher the cost will be.

So, if you want a 10- to 15-foot tree to be loosely wrapped, it may only take five to six strands. On the other hand, that same sized tree could take 15 to 20 strands of lights if you want it to be tight wrapped.

Shrubs or Bushes

You can also illuminate any greenery you have around your home with lights.

It costs about $12 per strand of lights for shrubs and bushes, and depending on the size of the plants, it’ll take two to three strands for each one. (Continued)

Why Use a Professional Roofing Company?

Even though they’re the best when it comes to roof repairs and replacement, roofing companies have the necessary experience (such as climbing ladders and securing lighting) to install Christmas lights.

Of course, it pays to find a roofing company that really offers Christmas light installation services and not just any roofing company. If you have yet to find one, you can count on No Payne Roofing to help you with all your Christmas light installation needs. Contact us today!