With energy bills and sustainability concerns constantly at the forefront of home renovation considerations, there are plenty of reasons to look for means of incorporating natural energy solutions into your home’s design. 

Perhaps the most abundant energy source you can start taking advantage of today is solar power. The benefits and potential in terms of electrical consumption are vast, and skylights have long been appealing to homeowners for their cost-effective heating, natural light, and high efficiency.

Some homes may not be properly equipped to be fitted with skylights, but there are still options for introducing natural light into your home. Enter the Sky Tunnel.

Smaller and less intrusive than a traditional skylight, the sky tunnel gathers light and carries it down into the home through reflective aluminum tubing. This means it will not interfere with the natural architecture of your home and may be better suited to areas that would otherwise not benefit from the natural daylight. 

Sky tunnels work best on conventional roofs with a significant slope. For optimal results, they should extend to only the highest areas of the home since the efficiency is determined by the shortest travel distance possible between the collector tube outside and the emitter tube on the ceiling. While a main-floor or basement sky tunnel is possible in a multi-story home, the disadvantageous structural considerations and potential for architectural issues should deter most buyers.

Pros and cons exist as with any large renovation or build-out consideration. Sky tunnels are rich in monetary savings in the long run due to both their size and the ease of their installation, but potentially costly upfront. This will depend on the installation area and the amount of additional insulation required for the aluminum tube. Luckily, tax-deductible credits are available during the installation of many sky tunnel products in Canada. 

Maintenance is much simpler than with skylights — in fact, it’s practically non-existent. With a proper install, you will not need to worry about shrinkage, cleaning, leaks, or other structural factors which normally arise when adding extra windows to the outside world. The downside in this scenario is that the sky tunnel does not offer any vision to the outside like a traditional skylight, but is understated and discreet as a result — simple to integrate into any architectural or aesthetic design needing an extra boost of natural sunlight.

We’re happy to explore what either a skylight or a sky tunnel could bring to your renovations or your build—as a Velux Elite Installer company, we have achieved the highest credentials attainable for expert quality in installation. Contact us today to ensure professional and precise assistance for all your roofing needs!