Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your roof?  Whether it’s a much-needed repair or you’ve decided to sell your home, one of the first things you’ll need to do is determine what type of shingles you’ll need.

From asphalt to copper to cedar to clay, there are several types of residential roofing shingles – all with their own pros and cons. When choosing the appropriate shingle, there are a few different things to consider including warranty, application, cost, durability, and design.  We’ll look at different roofing shingle styles and what you need to take into account before purchasing.  

The most affordable and common shingles in Canada are asphalt shingles.  These shingles are easy to install and come in a variety of colors and shapes.  Compared to other roofing materials, however, they have limited insulating effects and a life span of approximately 10 to 25 years.  

After asphalt, the second most common type of shingle for Canadian homes is wood shingles.  Some homeowners prefer the rustic aesthetic of wood, but this eye-pleasing look comes with a higher price tag.  Costing roughly three times as much as asphalt shingles, wood also requires careful installation because it can cause mold if not placed properly and does not have the same fire resistance as other materials.  We do not recommend wood shingles for DIY roofers, regardless of how “homey” they can make a house appear.  

Though less aesthetically appealing, metal roofs are also available and come in zinc, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel options.  Metal roofing proves to be the most resistant to the harsh climates of Canada and can be much longer-lasting than their asphalt and wood counterparts can.  One thing to be extra careful about in Calgary with metal roofing is that snow can easily slide off pitched roofs, making it dangerous if you’re outside.  It’s extremely important to place slip guards on homes with metal roofing to avoid a potentially deadly situation.  

The most expensive type of roofing available and typically used by the chateau, Tudor, or historic-style manor homes is slate.  Slate roofs are highly resistant to problems like fire, pests, and even roof rot, and have a lifespan of over 50 years.  They are easy to maintain but because they are such a heavy material, they require additional reinforcement and are the most expensive to repair.

Once you have decided your shingle material, you need to check the warranty options.  We recommend always picking the non-prorated warranty option because limited warranties will depreciate your value by 40% on the day of installation! If you have a quote of $10,000 on a limited shingle over a lifetime guarantee shingle, you will actually gain $4,000 on the lifetime guarantee shingle.   Make sure you get a manufacturer-preferred installer to honour the warranty and ensure the job is done right.  Updating your roof is a great selling feature, and the warranty can actually transfer over to the new buyer if you choose to sell the house, which is good news for the value of your property.

At No Payne we provide our homeowners with a 25-year workmanship warranty from the manufacturer which gives you both peace of mind and is five times longer than the industry standard.  We are a local BBB A+ Accredited Roofing Company and are excited to work with you.

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