Having an excellent thumb for DIY work is a laudable characteristic. However, DIY is never easy especially if you’re planning a skylights installation. These windows are heavy yet extremely fragile — an error in handling or installation will shorten its lifespan and performance. However, install them perfectly, and you’ll end up with a naturally-lit home with excellent brightness.

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True enough, even veteran skylights installation professionals in Calgary AB know that skylights aren’t exactly the easiest materials to handle. In fact, even professionals commit errors that ultimately affect the lifespan and durability of these materials. Luckily, you can avoid these problems because Trusted Pros has a good checklist to keep it in check — read more about it here.

Errors to Avoid when Dealing with Skylights

Skylights are one of the most beautiful and useful elements you can add to a home. Not only do they provide light and thereby cut down on utility bills, but they lend a lighter feel to areas of your home that would otherwise feel heavier and darker.

Adding a skylight is one of the most popular home improvement projects out there. The variety of skylights amazes most homeowners, and the benefits are also a wonderful surprise. However, like any other home improvement project, a skylight installation project can go wrong in several different ways. In addition, skylight maintenance mistakes can turn these small windows into small disasters.

Thankfully, avoiding these mistakes is easy, whether you’re tackling this project on a DIY basis or simply performing routine maintenance. Here, we’ll review the most commonly made skylight mistakes. We’ll cover mistakes made by homeowners and professionals alike, so you can be aware of potential errors and alert your contractor if you see them being made.

Poor Placement Choices

One of the biggest initial mistakes made during the skylight installation process is choosing a location which simply can’t accommodate a skylight. Often, homeowners only look at the interior of their home when making this decision. Perhaps there’s a long, dark hall in your home that would look great with the addition of some natural sunlight. This sounds like a great location for a skylight, but what’s above the ceiling?

It’s essential to check your home’s structure before making any final plans. Before you fall in love with the idea of a skylight in a particular area, check to ensure that there are no pipes or wires running directly above it which could interfere with installation. You don’t want to be changing things like plumbing and electrical work simply to accommodate a skylight. It’s possible in some cases, but it usually turns out to be far more trouble than its worth.

Ideally, you should get up in your attic and scout potential locations from a different perspective. A simple map will allow you to make notes of good, clear areas to put a skylight. Then, you can take your map downstairs and see which of these areas you like best. This avoids the mistake of falling in love with the idea of a skylight in a certain area, only to learn (often after hiring pros and purchasing materials) that it simply can’t be done.

There is a specific type of skylight which is related to this issue. Many homeowners mistakenly think that an attic prevents the installation of skylights. This is untrue! Skylights can be cut into the attic ceiling and attached to tubes or shafts which direct the light down into your living space. Be sure to explore these options with a contractor before making a final decision.

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With your skylights installation moving forward in the best way possible, you can definitely enjoy a brightly-lit home without spending a dime on electricity. However, to provide excellent upkeep on your skylights, it pays to know how to provide proper maintenance. Custom Installations has that laid out for you in this short but helpful article.


A skylight can be a wonderful way to let more light into the house while adding warmth to dark spaces throughout the interior. Like most other features of the home though skylights need regular maintenance to function properly while also extending the life of the unit. Follow these four tips to keep the natural light shining through these beautiful architectural features.

Regular Inspections

An annual inspection is important to maintaining a worry-free skylight that will last and can easily be tied into a roof inspection or chimney cleaning. The professional contractor will not only complete basic maintenance tasks like cleaning the glass but also check for signs of deterioration or other issues that may be occurring.

Leaky Skylights

A leaky skylight is not only irritating but could also be a sign of larger roof issues. If you are experiencing drips into the home, a certified professional should be hired to check both the roof and skylight unit. Leaks can be caused by a number of problems including excessive condensation, deteriorating roof shingles, and faulty flashing. If the skylight opens, the repairman will often first check that the unit is completely closed and then look for fractures within the weather sealing.

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Now, you’re all set to enjoy your new skylights! However, if this is quite overwhelming even for your passion to DIY skylights installation, you can call on professionals in Calgary AB to help you get the new skylights you’ve been looking forward to. No Payne Roofing is Calgary AB’s top-tier skylights installation and overall roofing service. Contact us today for a free service quote!